Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting ready for a new age (rated 5 stars)

by Daniel H. Pink

I have put off reading Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” for some time. However, this summer, after attending an amazing class management workshop in Santa Cruz and reading a number of what people would think are pretty touchy-feeling books, I decided to sit down and read it.
In a phrase, it blew my mind a little. In the education field, so many people have been recommending this 260 page book and it is definitely worth reading in whatever field you are in.
Pink goes in depth about how individuals need to nurture 6 abilities of human nature that society has placed on the back burner or completely pushed aside – Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning.
He also poses 3 questions you must ask yourself after considering what we do:
1. Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
2. Can a computer do it faster?
3. Am I offering something that satisfies the nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant age?

Pink points out things that I am sure you have noticed and maybe have already thought about like design for all or this whole minded approach to eating and your health or feng shui and so many other things. He breaks it all down nicely and it is actually a fun read. There were moments where I giggled or just nodded in agreement.

Daniel Pink also adds “exercises” and links to sites that he feels will help you nurture those 6 attributes I mentioned above. Some of it is “touchy-feely” but honestly, if you look around, this transition that the world is going through is already happening and it was nice to read a book that acknowledges the shifts that are quickly moving right before our eyes – visit Target and look around and of course, read this book!

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