Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving-In Time

I am about to start my 3rd year as a school librarian/teacher at the prestigious school I work at. I wrote earlier about how challenging last year was for me (I was definitely rethinking my career choice - well, the teaching part anyway) but I have a strong feeling that this year will be more interesting and challenging in other ways.

Things I will focus on this year include, but are not limited to (I got this wording from helping my friend, George, who was a architectural spec writer):

  • applying the techniques discussed and practiced at the Fred Jones workshop I attended in June

  • "work the crowd, or the crowd works you"

  • remembering that my students' have enough friends

  • preparing for each class, even though I feel I know the material (there are always surprises)

  • learning my students' names before I meet them

  • being a lot more open with my co-workers (I admit, I was a recluse last year)

  • asking for help before it's too late!!!

  • be better at taking criticism (thanks for the reminder BSB-"a thick skin")

Last week was officially my first week back. We spent 4 days unpacking books, organizing shelves, fixing magazines, organizing boxes for our offices and of course, catching up with my friends. Everyone had a pretty decent summer and I am hoping that I score on some Alaskan halibut that the Library Goddess caught in Homer.

My hands are pretty wrecked from all the moving but today I can actually type for a decent period of time. I still cannot open jars or bottles (e.g. water) but hopefully they will be back to normal tomorrow.

I have to say that the library looks absolutely beautiful! Lots of natural light, cream-colored shelving and the books are not super cramped! The stacks are not super tall! (I'm small and we have small kids) We can even have the tall books stand with their spine labels showing! You would not think that having books with their spines showing is a big deal but visually, it makes a big difference.

They will be moving in furniture soon so I will definitely take pictures after they are all in place.

With all the changes that have occurred this summer, it is fitting that we are in a new library.

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