Saturday, August 30, 2008

YA Review: "Breaking Dawn" by Stephanie Meyer (rated 4 stars)

by Stephenie Meyer

This was a worthwhile finale to the Twilight series.

In the final installment of the series, Stephanie Meyer weaves the love of Bella and Edward to the next stage of their relationship, marriage. Though Bella Swan complained the length of “Eclipse” about being young and getting married, she falls into her role easily and without hesitation once it is official that she is now Mrs. Cullen.

The tale follows the normal cycle of any marriage in the beginning stages with the added drama of Jacob, the werewolf, returning after his long journey through heartbreak, nightmares of the Volturi and other unexpected twists.

The story unfolds in 3 books. Book 1 focusing on the wedding. Book 2 focusing on Jacob. And Book 3 focusing on Bella’s transformation and what that means to the Cullen family and the secrecy of the Vampires.

It is a pretty fast-paced and engrossing read (I finished 700+ pages in 2 nights). I actually could not put it down unlike the first 3 books of the series. I did not enjoy the 3rd book, mainly, because Bella annoyed me with her complaining and torture (call me a mean heartless person but oy! I can’t even stand that behavior in my friends and my self, let alone a fictional character). Bella is certainly redeemed in book 4. I would recommend this definitely as one to pick up if you want a little romance, danger, vampires and werewolves and all other things that come with being deeply in love and finally achieving it no matter what the challenges are.

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