Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here! Happy New Year!

I have been enjoying this winter break a lot more in my 3rd year of teaching. I spent most of it at home in San Diego with my family and have not worried too much about what I will need to do on January 5, when we head back to campus. I have been thinking a lot about privacy and how transparent I need to be to students and colleagues. I am pretty active online but I put my privacy levels to the top most settings because I do not want certain things to be out there. Though, if I learned anything last year, my students will find me anyway.
Are any teachers out there worried about this? I have read a lot of articles about teachers losing jobs or not getting hired because of their online profiles. I am pretty aware of what I put out there but you cannot control what other people put out there. Do you worry about that?
But I also know, I need to be online. I like it. I like my community - it's continually grows. I have learned a lot from the people I meet online. I do have multiple pages on things. One for friends and one for everyone but is that still necessary? I wonder. I constantly have this discussion with friends and colleagues...
But, in order to figure this out, I made a facebook profile. This one is open and anyone can connect with me. But I am still nervous about it. So, there you go. If you have thoughts please share them.

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