Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thinking about college & debt

On Friday I was watching 20/20 and they ran a segment that asked college graduates if college was worth it. The people they featured regretted going to college because they still ended up getting jobs outside their field and getting paid $10/hr and being $50,000+ dollars in debt. Then I was reading the paper and LAT ran a column about how this is the best time to apply for college so you can get financial aid.

I graduate from grad school about 3 years ago and for my career, I needed an masters, an MLIS, to move up. Do I wish I was not in debt? Of course! No one wants debt. Was it worth it? Well, I have a fabulous career.

However, I guess, the segment bothered me because it basically said if you are in the bottom 40% of your class, you shouldn't even bother going to college. How many of us in the bottom 40% went and actually found something we were passionate about? discovered something new? Well, I know, I did. I admit, I'm was not the best student but I was a smart kid. But now all this talk about how education not being worth it is really bothering me. Even Suze Orman, who says in one of her books, that education is worth the debt was saying that it wasn't worth it.

If you are in debt for school, do you think it was worth it? do you regret going to school?

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