Thursday, March 5, 2009

YA Review: "How Not To Be Popular" by Jennifer Ziegler (rated 3 stars)

by Jennifer Ziegler

Sugar Magnolia Dempsey, aka Maggie, has hippie nomadic parents. She just started settling into life in Portland, Oregon. She has a best friend but better still, she has a boyfriend, Trevor. Now they have to move…AGAIN! And this time, they’re going to Austin, Texas.
This time, there’s more heartache because she is in love. How can they move when she’s finally found someone? Parents can be so clueless!
Maggie vows to not make friends, not be social and become complete nobody to protect herself from the pain of moving and losing friends. She vows to be unpopular. However, that plan fails. In her attempt to be unpopular, Maggie draws more attention to herself and ends up getting more than she bargained for.
This a a great summer read for a middle school and even a high school girl. It’s funny and times and Ziegler starts each chapter with a “rule” or “observation” about the unpopular. It’s a very quick read and is pretty predictable but if you want something light and feel good this is one to pick up. There is a nice twist at the end that made it much better but still it’s a pretty predictable romantic comedy read.

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Little Willow said...

Very cool book AND very nice author - I had the opportunity to interview her at length, and she was kind and funny.