Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Drops: "Emily the Strange: the Lost Days" by Rob Reger & Jessica Gruner (rated 4 stars)

by Rob Reger

I like Emily The Strange products. I used to buy notebooks and bags with her on them. I just really liked how she’s drawn and back in the day, I could relate with be dark and brooding. So, when I saw this novel amongst the new books in the YA section, I had to pick it up and give it a try!

It is written like a diary with illustrations throughout. Some of the illustrations look like sketches, some of “polaroids” and some are just doodles. It is kind of fun going through the book simply for the drawings by Rob Reger and Buzz Parker of Emily, Molly, the cats and the other characters.

If you were always wondering what Emily the Strange was about, here is where you start. In “the Lost Days”, which seems to be the first in the series, Emily the Strange has amnesia. She wakes up on a park bench with a slingshot and a notebook in her possession. So, she goes through the next 20+ days trying to figure out who she is and why she is in a town called Blackrock. The mystery unfolds and you learn more about Emily, who has named herself “Earwig” until she figures out her real name and what she is actually about.
It is funny, snarky, and Emily the Strange turns out to be a very interesting character who’s smart (like can build weird androids smart) and snarky. I found it really enjoyable and if you like Emily the Strange or know kids (probably 5th-6th graders) who like little mysteries, I would definitely add it to your library collection.

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