Sunday, August 30, 2009

Revisiting Judy Blume

from martin kalfatovic's flickr stream. Click here for the original.
A couple nights ago, I woke up all sorts of ideas streaming out of my of those ideas was reading as many Judy Blume books as I could (I have a 12 book stack piled next to me on the reference desk right now) and then just reminisce about when I first discovered her books and what I thought of them then (hopefully I can remember) and what I think of them now.
Honestly, I started with books by Beverly Cleary (who I will revisit next) and then moved on to Judy Blume. But since my waking mind started with Judy Blume, I will start my project there. Who were your favorite authors as a wee-kid? Do you ever re-read those books just to remember and recall your younger years? or do you re-read them to introduce them to the next generation in your family?

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