Monday, August 31, 2009

Year 4 is about to begin!!!

So, I'm still teaching! Going onto year 4! I worked Fast Start this year and the new Frosh are pretty nice. Also, I felt pretty comfortable and was not as anxiety-ridden as the past 3 years. YAY! One of my wishes though is that I could be as funny and quick witted as Ambookgeek. He's just hilarious and the kids enjoy it. Sometimes I think I'm funny but you know, I'm probably just being my dorky self.

I started going to the library a few weeks before schedule to set things up. In the past, I would just start on the official date and feel completely overwhelmed and rushed so this year, I took my time. It was definitely worth it because (1) i learned they updated the IP addresses so all of our databases needed to be informed (2) got to decorate a bit (3) brought in the plants (4) choose a book for Book Bistro book club (5) printed out all the things we needed printed out and finished a bunch of other things that I would have had zero time to do once the kids were on campus.

Goals for the school year:
  • find my style/voice
  • finish a proposal and present a paper at a symposium (it's due on Sept 15!!!)
  • remain flexible and open to new ideas
  • experiment (better now because they are cutting our class next year to a semester long course)
  • work on personal though professional projects

The Judy Blume project is going well. I read 3 books yesterday - a biography on her from 1982 (there wasn't anything recent at BPL), Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, and Soupy Saturdays with the Pain and the Great One. I read so many kids books I really should take a creative writing course on writing for children and young adults. It is crazy how I can still relate and still struggle with religion like Margaret did and I'm in my thirties! More on that later I think. Also, The Pain and the Great One - hilarious!

On a side note, since everyone is mentioning it - update your link to Librarian in Black. Here is the link, it's moved and it's gorgeous and for some reason, it's blocked by my work computer.

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