Monday, December 14, 2009

Book Drops: Nonfiction Mondays - "The Frog Scientist"

This week's Nonfiction Monday host is In Need of Chocolate Blog. Check out the weekly round-up to see if there are any new books you might want to add to your collections.
This week I'm featuring The Frog Scientist, by Pamela S. Turner, which is part of the Scientists in the Field series. The featured scientist is Professor Tyrone Hayes from UC Berkeley who studies the affects of pesticides on frog populations. Filled with large color photos, Turner follows Hayes and his students as they collect samples from the field and work in the labs. She also explains the scientific process from posing a hypothesis to conducting experiements to prove or disprove that hypothesis. Another added bonus is the brief biography about Professor Hayes and the look inside his personal and professional life as well as a glimpse into the lives of his research students. The book also included wonderful color photographs of various frogs, website links, an educator's link, and a wonderful bibliography. It is geared more towards 5-7 graders and could inspire children to study the different sciences.


Mary Ann Scheuer said...

I just love this book, too. It's fascinating and pulls kids into the story. Pam Turner came to our bookfair this year to talk with our middle school students and was really interesting. Have you seen her latest, Prowling the Seas? Also wonderful.

Rasco from RIF said...

I am impressed with the use of actual research being used to take students of the age for this book through the steps of the scientific process...very smart. This certainly beats simply memorizing those infamous steps of scientific inquiry like I did years and years ago in 5th grade science!