Monday, December 21, 2009

Book Drops: Nonfiction Mondays "Emily Post's Table Manners for Kids" (rated 4 stars)

by Cindy Post Senning

It's Nonfiction Mondays! For the round up, please visit SimplyScience Blog, who is hosting this week. Also, I cannot put my nonfiction mondays label because I'm dog sitting and I don't think it's appropriate to download stuff on other people's computers. But I'll use the computer...

Anyway, this week I'm featuring, Emily Post's Table Manners for Kids. I never was formally trained proper table manners as a kid, there are some things that just seem common sense but as a kid, I grew up using a spoon and fork to eat or learning to eat with my hands. For the longest time, I thought that was normal, well, it was normal in the Philippines and other Filipino households I hung out in. So, it was interesting reading this book on table manners.

It was a very informative and entertaining read that is geared towards 5th grade to middle schoolers and contains equally amusing illustrations. One of tips is how to properly pierce a cherry tomato and the illustration shows someone who’s bit into a tomato and accidentally squirts the person seated next to him. As an adult, I still learned some things, like how to properly eat soup in public. I honestly had no idea that you scoop away from yourself. Also, who can keep straight the proper location of all those utensils, cups, salad plates, etc. Well, now I can because the Posts’ lay it out very nicely and easily. Definitely a great book for children and adults!

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