Sunday, December 20, 2009

Book Drops: What I Read This Year 2009

I was just looking at the New Yorker's The Book Bench and am inspired by their post "What We Read This Year." The different contributors posted their favorites..I'm just going to post what I read. It's always nice to look back isn't it? Here it goes:

  • Jan - Transforming Classroom Grading - this book actually did just that. I'm not formally trained as a teacher so I had no idea how to grade or how to create a grade book and this was an excellent resource for me; Bryson, Bill. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. so funny!

Feb - nothing.

March - How Not To Be Popular; Txting; Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

April - Life is So Good; Wintergirls; Swallow Me Whole

May - The Reformed Vampire Support Group; The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson)

Summer Break (wow..I thought I read some stuff in the summer but obviously not...:( )

Nov - Them

Dec - The Wordy Shipmates; Leviathan; Christo & Jeanne-Claude; Amphigorey; Amphigorey II; Hansel & Gretel; Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Death & Dementia; Emily Post's Table Manners for Kids; Sticks & Stones

Hum, I swore I read a lot more than this but I guess I didn't...But overall, that's a pretty good list. I thought I had better do this now while I still have time. What have you read? Any notable books you want to share?

ADDENDUM: Ok, I DID read a lot more but it some of the books weren't listed in my all consuming list but my reviews are there so I don't know what that's about. Here's more!

The Espressologist ; The Film Club ; The Summer I Turned Pretty ; The Word Snoop ; The Private Patient ; The Knife of Never Letting Go ; Alligator Bayou ; Burn My Heart ; Poppy and Ereth ; Inkspell ; The Rock & The River ; Out of Our Minds ; After The Moment ; Christian the Lion ; the YggYssey ; Simon Bloom - the Octopus Effect ; Tales of the Beedle the Barb ; Food Matters ; Living Dead Girl ; Emily the Strange - the Lost Days ; The Forest of Hands and Teeth ; Scat ; The Year We Disappeared ; Perfect Chemistry ; Here Comes Everybody ; Graceling ; Catching Fire ; Hunger Games ; Fire ; My Year of Meats ; Confessions of a Serial Kisser ; Janes in Love ; Comic Book Century ; Absolutely Maybe ; The Lost Art of Walking ; Inkheart ; Would You Swap Your Dad for 2 Goldfish

57 BOOKS! Whoo-hoooo!!!!

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