Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Martin Scorsese? Who's that?

Yes! That's right! One of my students has no idea who Martin Scorsese is...It's funny what one thinks is just common knowledge. But, like misterjt was joking "but I bet they know who Martin Lawrence is! Damn Gina! "
I should really get over my shock but maybe it's because it made me realize I'm old!!! LOL!
We were actually talking about Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane which he had just finished reading. Psychological thriller that made him scream out loud! He was really amazed that book could make him scream out loud. I am not sure if I will read this book but the movie trailer looks pretty good and it's Scorsese and DiCaprio.
After we talked about the book and movie, I proceeded to talk to him about Martin Scorsese. I know, I shouldn't push it on him but he needs to know!!! Is this bad? I don't know?!?
He also brought up how he loved The Lovely Bones movie and really liked those "landscapes within landscapes art thing." I jumped on the chance to talk about surrealism and Magritte (thank you UCSC Art History degree!!!).
It totally made my day talking about these things, I hope, it at least peaked his curiousity.

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