Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nonfiction Mondays: Life in the Boreal Forest by Brenda Z Guiberson

Happy Nonfiction Monday!! I'm happy to host this week's Nonfiction Monday! so..thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to check out all the great reviews linked below.

What Caught My Eye: I liked this painting by Gennady Spirin who illustrates this wonderful book, Life in the Boreal Forest by Brenda Z. Guiberson. The bobcat going after the ermine just made me want to pick it up.

Why I Didn't Put It Down: This a really fun read-alound book. As Guiberson goes through a year in a boreal forest, she includes sounds like "plish! plosh!" for a loon diving into a lake and "swoosh!" for when an owl snaps up it's prey. The paintings have a lot of things going happening but in a silent, minimal way. For example, on the owl painting, there is a great horned owl in the foreground, the forest is covered with snow and in the background is the river with a white rabbit listening for danger. Farther back is an image of a lone moose walking through the quiet forest. You just want to keep reading and looking at all the images to see what happens next in the forest.

Who Would I Recommend This To: It is filled with interesting facts about the boreal forest, like there are over 200 species of birds that migrate to the boreal forest and that it grows acrous Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and Russia. Kids would love having this read to them and will enjoying looking at the paintings. Also, kids having to write about the boreal forest for their 2nd or 3rd grade class.


Cindy Dobrez said...

Bookends (Cindy Dobrez & Lynn Rutan) is featuring In The Driver's Seat: A Girl's Guide to Her First Car by Erika Stadler today.

Sarah said...

Thanks for hosting this week! Life in the Boreal Forest looks like a book my daughters would love!

Shirley said...

I really liked this book and blogged on it earlier in the year. The voice in the writing was peaceful and the art is gorgeous.

Wendie O said...

Thanks for hosting.
Hope my link went through.
-wendie old

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting. And...I lived in Alaska for twenty-four years so I'm so glad to see your post today.

I lived on a little lake, with loons and moose in my front yard. You made me miss it!

Anna M. said...

So glad everyone's post seems to have linked well on Mr. Linky. Wow! The list seems to be growing and growing! YAY! for Nonfiction Mondays!!!!

And thanks for commenting too!