Friday, April 30, 2010

Wondering about iCyte

Does anyone out there use iCyte? Looks pretty similar to Clipmarks. I saw this on the news. I still use Clipmarks but have stopped using delicious and also used to stumble. I cannot keep up with all these sites!
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  • Save webpages as 'Cytes'

    Save any webpage you like on iCyte's server, with highlights on the important text, plus notes and tags for quick reference.

  • Better than bookmarks

    Search and retrieve your Cytes from any computer, even if the original webpages have been deleted or changed.

  • Share your Cytes

    E-mail your Cytes, send them to Twitter or Facebook, even embed them in blogs.
    (Or keep them private - viewable by your invitation only.)


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gsmullennix said...

Icyte is the best for your computer. So easy to post and retrieve, anywhere in the world, on anyone's computer, even a caveman could do it. Seriously. Really good, really easy.