Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughts on "The Wave" by Susan Casey (Audiobook)

Audiobook: The Wave by Susan Casey. Read by Kirsten Potter.

I really wanted to enjoy this audiobook. I heard an interview with Susan Casey on NPR and thought it sounded interesting. Big waves, wave science, amazing surfers - are all topics I love reading about. I finished the audiobook because the subject is fascinating but it was a slog. I couldn't get past how Kirsten Potter narrated. I guess, I thought she would get read it with out any "acting" but she read more like it was a fiction novel. She would put on accents and change her tone when representing the men and women that Casey talked too. Also, it was more about how much Casey loves Laird Hamilton then about the waves and the science of the waves. Even the summary on the back plays up the science of rogue and giant waves but there really wasn't that much. The summary talk about the scientists but most of the tracks focused on Hamilton and his contemporaries. I think Laird Hamilton is incredible but this book shouldn't be titled "The Wave," it was more along the lines of swooning about Hamilton.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed.

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