Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I just finished Alice Ozma's The Reading Promise which is about a daughter and father's love of reading and it got me thinking about who fostered my love of reading. It was my mom.

Growing up, my mom was (and still is) a sales woman. She was a sales person for Avon, Mary Kay, Temp Tone cookware, Amway, Rainbow vacuum cleaners, and World Book Encyclopedias. She really instilled in us the importance of education and wanted us to have those resources in the house. She would also "win" all of these things so that she could pass them on to us when we had our own families and houses. (Little did we know that you should probably update encyclopedias every year!!!)

One book I kept with me at all times was called Animal Stories or Animal Tales.  It was a thick paperback full of folktales featuring animals. I was obsessed with all animals as a kid and even thought I would be a veternarian one day.

My mom also worked at the school and after she got off work at the cafeteria, she would meet us in the library, which was run by Mr. Frank and my Auntie Felly, who was the library assistant.

The only problem she had with my reading habit was that I would spend all night reading instead of sleeping.

Anyway, thanks Mom for always having our house filled with books and for taking us to the library whenever we needed to do research. Love you!

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