Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer? What Summer?

I can't believe my 5th year at the middle school is almost over! It's gone by so fast!

This summer is going to be so busy. Here are my plans, which didn't seem like such a big deal until someone at work asked me about what I was doing this summer:

May - the wedding of the year in New Orleans (my best friend is getting married to another one of my best friends so..yes! wedding of the year!)

June - big hike up a giant mountain (my sister and I are hiking up Mt Whitney together. Sister bonding time)

July - first 2 weeks - Lab School in Hawaii at Punahou School ; 2nd 2 weeks - teaching crafts during Ms. Simon's summer enrichment program.

Also, taking a summer school course starting on June 13. I need to take a breathe.

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