Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sunset in Joshua Tree

Sunset in Joshua Tree
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I got back from retreat week today. I went to Joshua Tree again. This is just my favorite retreat. I never get tired of this trip. It's always fun even if the activities are not always new.

Our naturalist this year was one of the best. He just had the best rapport with the kids and even taught them how to read a topography map. I was really surprised at how engaged the kids were. They just circled around him in rapt attention. It was really surprising. Then I thought, "Wow. When are they ever going to get a lesson in how to read a topo map with all the GPS and navigation tools out there." They even asked about where they could pick up maps.

I also got to ride home with some of my co=workers, who camp and travel all over the place so I learned a few things about backpacking and also got a list of camp sites to check out. HURRAY!

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