Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Lost Art of Picture Collections

picture collection by taryn simon
From Wired Magazine Taryn Simon's Picture Collection
I just read this article about Taryn Simon's exhibition called Picture Collection in Wired. It reminded me of when I used to work at the California College of Art's Meyer Library. We had a file cabinet with our picture collection. Thinking about it, it was not that long ago when you had to physically go through these folders to find inspiration for drawings, paintings and creating things. I remember having to go through clippings to figure out the best folder to put them in.

I would love to go see this exhibit in San Francisco at the John Berggruen Gallery. It would be worth seeing how Simon organized those images. But another great way to enjoy the New York Public Library's collection is to take a look at their website, NYPL Picture Collection. I am going to take some time to explore that site today just for fun.

Anyway, it was nice going down memory lane thinking about how much has changed in libraries from when I first started working in them.

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