Monday, March 11, 2013

Reflections: Assessment Course Week 1

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia
Week 1 of Assessment in E-Learning has gone pretty well. No major problems logging into the systems, which is always a plus. Also, accessed the wikispaces easily so that was fun.

The readings were pretty interesting and we had some great discussions as to why multiple assessments are necessary when assessing student learning. I especially enjoyed reading about the positive and negative aspects of discussions and forums. My housemate does not see the value of discussion forums when the facilitator is not an active member of the discussions. He feels that people everyone is "learning" that their opinions are not a valid way for him to learn about the topic.

I totally disagree. I find that discussions are a great way for me to learn about what other people are doing out in various fields. It also is a way for me to reflect on the readings more than if I was discussing them in the classroom. Also, I am one of those students who absorbs more in class and am not prone to participate over more extroverted students, so, discussions are my way of participating.

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