Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mapping, Assessment, Oh My!

This week in Assessment in E-Learning, we started our group project, where we are creating a toolbox of assessment tools, and also created concept maps for projects in the courses we teach. Since, I am attempting to create e-portfolios for my class, I decided I would try to create a concept map using Popplet. Popplet is a fun and easy tool to use to create mindmaps or collections of images or media.

What I found most challenging was trying to write out learning objectives for the project. I am not very confident in my ability to write learning objectives so I really struggled with creating one sentence that encompasses the goals of a project.

Dave Wee actually put it in terms I understand a bit better. Writing learning objectives is like a formula. Condition, behavior, and criterion. I also read about this in NERC "Guide to Writing Learning Objectives" but I guess, I needed it laid out a little differently.

I will have to revisit the concept map again and again I think as I build a better project.

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