Monday, January 5, 2009

Easing on down the road...

Coming back from winter break, I always tend to feel a off, but today was especially odd. The library was the most desolate it's felt in a long time. I was in the lab for most of the day and each period there would only be a handful of kids or no kids at all in there with me. During a couple of periods no one was there. My office mates were also gone so it was strangely quiet. There is usually a fair amount of talking kids and sometimes adults but it seemed as if everyone needed to ease back into the school day.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today though I did have a pretty good class. We had an activity where the students write a part of each other's story in addition to showing that they understand and can use the skills we are teaching. My friend, Missy, figured that one out and it was super fun though they still had trouble settling down. I have to read their mini stories but I can tell they will be funny.

Today, Ambookgeek commented on how he always gets really good classes because there is something about the types of classes and kids he gets. I think, he's also a great teacher but I also think that for some reason, I get kids who are into the same things and are also very social. Even the "quiet ones" are super social! I have yet to get a group that's mellow. I wonder if that has more to do with my personality and class management skills? I keep thinking and rereading parts of Fred Jones' book and I consciously apply them but I also wonder if it also has to do with the type of personalities drawn to having 6th period odd for the LT7 class.

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