Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rent a book and a Textbook...bookswim.com

Have you seen Bookswim.com? Someone on LM-Net posted the link to it and was very enthusiastic about it. I guess, my question is, why not just support your public library? You can put books on hold, you can ILL (interlibrary loan) books (sometimes textbooks too) and yes, there are fees to put things on hold or ILL but it really is not that much and you are supporting your public library.

They do have a value section that asks "Why Not just go to the Library?" And there are some valid things like late fees and long holds and limited hours but still wouldn't you rather have your money go to an institution that helps the community?

I think it's also funny that there is a really tiny disclaimer that says the following:

"* That said, BookSwim is a terrific suppliment for avid library users, as BookSwim encourages members to use the library if/when possible.""

That's right..go use your library if you can...

Hello, libraries are being shut down and funding is being slashed. Libraries are being closed all over the place...I would rather give what little money I have to paying a small late fee and keeping my public library open then doing this. But that's just me.

By the way, if you didn't know, there are some libraries out there that does send books to patrons. It might not be publicized very well but there are libraries that do this too. You just need to call and ask.

Though, I guess, as a student, I would have rather rented a textbook than bought it but that's why I used interlibrary loans. :)

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Sean Johnson said...

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