Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learned how to Case Bind with Clementine Press

Learning to case bind
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I do a lot of book repair at work. Mainly, simple things like tipping in lose pages and fixing hinges, which I learned from Sharyn Oakes over at Coronado Public Library. Thanks Sharyn! Who knew I would still be doing it all these years since I was a lowly library assistant in the cataloging department.

Anyway, so lately, I have been getting into learning about making boooks. I have taken all 3 of the classes that Richenda Brim, at Clementine Press, teaches. She used to teach at Home Ec Shop and now she's teaching out of her amazing studio! Check it her blog here: She is a letterpress artist and you can find her shop here

It was pretty much an all day workshop where Richenda works one on one with you and teaches you the steps needed to make your own book using the case binding technique. We talked about it and she mentioned that she will probably take 2 students when she teaches this method, which is great because there is a lot to learn. I posted some of the pictures from the class on my Flickr stream if you want to check it out.

I used to always walk into Paper Source and stare at the paper wondering what else I would use them for and now I know. I can make these really cute books for people!!

Thanks for another amazing class Richenda and I hope more people take it with you!

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