Monday, March 11, 2013

Reflections: Assessment in E-Learning Week 2

Student E-Portfolio Work in Progress
This week in Assessment in E-Learning, we discussed a number of different assessments as well as elements of assessment, such as rubrics. The best part of this module is the Authentic Assessments page, which is filled with wonderful resources from everything from blogs to e-portfolios.

Since I decided to try out e-portfolios with my students this year, I focused on reading the various e-portfolio articles linked on that page as well as the rubrics. I have not been comfortable with using and sharing rubrics with my students. Other teachers seem to be very guarded with sharing the rubrics in other courses so I thought that was the norm. However, I am finding that when I share rubrics with students, they have a much better understanding of what I am grading them on. They  are more careful and take more responsibility for what they turn in.

I am lucky that I work with Dave Wee, who blogs at Big Building, Lots of Books, and is trained as a teacher. He is a great person to bounce ideas off of and to also brainstorm assignments and assessments with. This year, he has really utilized the use of rubrics in our LMS and I can see how much better his students work is in regards to blog posts.

Hopefully, as the class continues, I will develop and improve upon the courses that I teach. I am already utilizing rubrics for my technology leadership course and hopefully, that gives my students a better understanding of what is required of them.

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